Environmental Contracting Services

  • UST & AST Closures
  • Drilling Services
    • Geoprobe Direct Push
    • Conventional Auger Rig
    • Air Rotary
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation
  • Remedial System Design & Installation
  • HVE/MPDE High Vacuum Extraction
  • Waste Management & Disposal
  • Air Knife/Utility Locating
  • Well Abandonment

Corrective Action Plans

In the event that the results of the MRBCA risk assessment identify unacceptable levels of rist at the site, and a corrective action plan (CAP) is necessary, IPES will evaluate multiple remedial options. A CAP will be developed that compares the viable remedial options, compares costs for those options, and recommends the best option for your site.

Corrective Action Implementation

IPES is experienced in working with and coordinating with borth MDNR and PSTIF to allow us to work on your behalf in successfully implementing the selected remedial solution.

Closure of the Site Release File

Site Closure and receiving a “No further action” letter is the ultimate goal on all tank projects. Contact IPES to assist you in the timely and cost effective closure of all of your problem sites.

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